Thursday, May 15, 2008

Petition to get Transphobic Docs Off the DSM - V Committee

As discussed earlier the American Psychiatric Committee is reviewing their policies and standards on issues such as "Gender Identity Disorder" among other topics. The newly published Diagnostic Statistical Manual will be released in 2012 and will have strong implications for how transgender people are treated in our society and by insurance companies and the medical establishment.

The current line up of "professionals" on the committee are unacceptable, with people like Mr. Zucker, and Mr. Blanchard who are transphobic, lack understanding, sensitivity and support "reparative therapy" for trans-folks.

Please sign the petition that is directed to the APA and cross-post, and email it to your address book to expedite the process...


Ry said...

Reparative therapy doesn't sound promising at all... Okay, it's actually how I put what we actually need. I see transition not as a change, it's just a repair. Possibly with an upgrade thrown in. So if by reparative therapy they meant htat... but they don't. >_<

Also: Zucker’s priority is “helping these kids be happily male or female,” but he also acknowledges that the treatment process does, in some cases, apparently avert homosexual development . And in support of parents’ rights to avert a homosexual outcome for their children, Zucker cites a persuasive quote from Richard Green: “The right of parents to oversee the development of children is a long -established principle. Who is to dictate that parents may not try to raise their children in a manner that maximizes the possibility of a heterosexual outcome?

What does he DO to those poor kids?! You need therapy to deal witht hat therapy! Why is he still allowed to work?!

Queers United said...

Thanks for that quote RY, it saddens me that someone who is supposed to be an expert fails to recognize the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation.

icarus said...

please check Quench where we've posted an update and clarification on the situation before circulating the petition:

icarus said...

Link here in case the one in the previous comment got cut off.

Queers United said...

thank you icarus for this posting, however i dont see why the petition is misleading, zucker is a threat, he doesnt decide solely but he has a disproportionate influence and position of power.

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